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i also recommend wolfpupy quotes

pick your battles. pick...pick fewer battles than that. put some battles back. that's too many.
STEP ONE save cool image/gif of your character. recommended width of 500px.
STEP TWO go here for the code! there are instructions within that will tell you what and how to edit. consider supporting tessisamess on patreon to keep such cool shit coming.
STEP THREE find a shitpost or tfln that suits your character.
STEP FOUR combine them! i recommend previewing before you post so you can be sure that it looks how you want.
STEP FIVE make a post for them! these codes do not like comments.
STEP SIX link them here! make them for your characters, for other people's characters, for The Game. laugh and make merry. etc. you know how a meme works.

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onion headlines for ya

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  • man throws money at problem
  • woman thinking about just packing up and making exact same mistakes someplace far away
  • relationship at point where woman has to learn boyfriend’s family’s weird card games

  • kitten thinks of nothing but murder all day
  • fbi releases list of criminals it in no particular rush to track down
  • kidnapping going pretty smoothly

  • area woman not yelling at you, she’s just saying
  • unclear whether grandpa having good time

  • relationship not a power struggle, woman who’s winning reports
  • stone-hearted ice witch forgets exclamation point
  • workaholic wakes up in pool of own paperwork

  • 10 tips for beautiful hair the government doesn’t want you to know
  • area man pronounced dead on the inside
  • i've left my haltingly awkward voice message; now the ball's in her court
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    ammmy et al

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    My first go, I may revise/add more later
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  • I Fucked My Way Into this Mess, and I'll Fuck my Way Out
  • Laughter Now Used Exclusively to Mask Feelings
  • Work Friend Accidentally Becomes Real Friend

  • the internet already made the best one for me
  • Decision to Ask Out Girl Made Using 10-Sided Die
  • You Want to See Some Goddamn Optimism?

  • Dad Misses Only One or Two Accomplishments in Unimpressive Child's Life
  • Billionaire Reading Name in Panama Papers Totally Forgot he Even had Funds in Seychelles
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    You have a true gift and I may need to make some of these
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    Varis and friends

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    here is one will add more in theory.
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  • Fantasized Argument Getting Pretty Intense
  • Area Teen Has Better Things to do Than Kick Your Ass
  • Relationship Definitely Hurtling Towards Something
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    oh these are good. you're so good at finding stuff k2
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    wren coupe

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    finch wicker

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    here are some, maybe more later, or maybe i'll DIE
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    he is permitted and therefore you cannot stop him
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  • I Wish the Government Would Make Up Its Mind Who Should be Killed and Who I Can Have Sex With
  • Man Dives Haphazardly Into Conversation Like Wounded Osprey

  • Best Friends Secretly Think of Each Other as Sidekick
  • Buddy System Causes Additional Death
  • Group of Friends Chanting 'Shots' Makes Compelling Point

  • Looks Like the Aristocracy is at it Again

  • Hands-Off Mom Lets Kids Create Their Own Psychological Issues
  • Study: Hangin' in There Best One Can Now Feel
  • Nation Impressed by Feats of Very Strong Little Boy
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    this is

    this is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen in my life

    i don't know how to thank you
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    Riddle's Tall Elf

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